An Unmentioned Lenormand

Thanks to this review, I chose this as my first Lenormand deck. Thanks, Le Fanu! It is on its way from the UK.

My Curious Cabinet

With the current flurry of interest in all things Lenormand I toss this little gem into the fray; The Wahrsagen à la Lenormand deck. It doesn’t even appear to have a name in English as the title would be translated as “Fortune Telling in the Lenormand Style” which doesn’t really give us much of a lead. It is a beautiful little mid-19th Century deck and deserves to be more well known. “Little” is the key word here and this has to be the smallest Lenormand deck I have in my collection, smaller even than the Mystical Lenormand. A Grand Tableau spread could feasibly be laid out for your guests on a reasonably large tea tray if you took the scones, teapot and milk jug off first. I came back to this deck again today as I remembered the oddness of its birch/whip and mice cards  (cards 11 and 23 respectively) and wanted to dig the deck out from my bedside…

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