Lenormand exercise: The essence of Snake

Today’s Lenormand exercise was about the essence of individual cards; what their true meanings are without the Lenormand meanings. I drew the Snake. What is the essence of the Snake?  What is its function?  How would read it in a love, work and health reading?


Snake —

Essence of the Snake — I view a snake very positively, as most snakes are not poisonous, and they are not “evil.” They are essential in the food chain. They eat mice, rats, lizards, frogs, bugs, and they are eaten by owls, larger snakes, birds, and many other creatures. Although many people are afraid of snakes, most snakes are afraid of people. The other day, I accidentally startled a harmless black snake that was sunning itself in my yard. I was right next to it before it noticed me (and I noticed it) and it practically fell all over itself trying to get away from me, but it was cornered by a wall, and I backed off as it was getting defensive. (It made a fake “rattlesnake” rattle with its tail; it was a black snake, and that is one of their defense mechanisms.) Once it realized it could get away from me, it did so as quickly as it could.

I may have to resort to stereotypes to get to the “essence of snake.” People interpret a snake as heralding danger because they view snakes as dangerous. They interpret snakes as treacherous and stealthy because of Adam and Eve.

For this exercise on the “essence of snake” I may have to look at the snake as a poisonous snake. Only poisonous snakes possess venom. Poisonous snakes use venom to immobilize and digest prey. A poisonous snake could be viewed as treacherous, since if you crossed paths with one it could be deadly. One sits up and pays attention when a poisonous snake is nearby. One gives it a respectable distance and backs away.

Essence – A snake is a long, slithering, twisting coil. Slippery and difficult to pin down. It will bite if cornered. It is a predator, but it is also prey.

“How would read it in a love, work and health reading?”

Love — A snake showing up in a love reading could mean heartbreak, double crossing, treachery, a toxic relationship with a lover, an untrustworthy partner.

Work — A snake could mean a double-crossing partner, swindling, a toxic boss or employee, treacherous legal matters. It could mean, “Watch out! Someone is conspiring against you.”

Health — Sickness. Toxicity of some kind — cancer or an infection or illness. It could be an illness of the intestinal tract or of the throat/esophagus. It could signal a long and twisting path to recovery (or death).


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  1. I loved your insight on this. We’re so predisposed to distrust snakes but like you said, most of them are harmless, merely part of the pecking order of life. I’m going to keep this in mind when the snake turns up for me in future. People who seem very snake-y to us don’t see themselves that way – they’re just surviving.

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